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He is why we call it "DanPower"....
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IMPORTANTTo become a host AT ALL you must be a UHC Trial host or above on Reddit UHC.RedditUHC Discord: Host Application: We are not incharge of RedditUHC hosting applications! That is managed else where   UHC Host Application Layout Name your topic "Name's UHC Host Application" Reddit Username:Are you a Verified Host or Trial Host on experience do you have with UHC?:Why host on our server?:How will you improve our UHC Server?:What experience do you have with hosting?:Anything else you want to say?:Have you read and understood the hosting rules?:Do you know how to schedule a UHC event?:     If you do not use this layout, your application will be ignored!  
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Denied. Please re-apply when you can access You must apply for Trial Host on Their discord is linked here.
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