DanPower Rules
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Discord Rules

1. No spamming!
2. General Rudeness (Being intentionally rude to another person)
3. No Inappropriate behavior
4. Unapproved Links
5. Nothing that is NSFW
6. No Advertisements.
7. No Discrimination/Racism
8. No DDOS, death, or malicious threats.
9. No using 3rd party software (bots) for Leveling Boosting on this server
10. Revealing another's personal information
11. No IMPERSONATION of staff members.
12. Only speak English (so our mods know what you are saying)
13. Do not pointlessly tag/mention
14. Do not exploit Discord Bugs or Glitches.
15. Please do not ask for personal information from staff or discord users.
16. Follow Discord TOS (

Minecraft Rules

1. No cheating or hacking:
If you have client mods loaded, please do not use them on our server. This includes (but not limited to) xray, flying, inventory, no-clip, etc.

2. No swearing:
We strive to have a family friendly environment. Swearing will not be tolerated.

3. No offensive signs, buildings, or speech:
Do not build or say anything that would be offensive. Likewise, do not place signs with offensive messages.  Admins and Moderators may exercise this rule at their discretion.

4. Do not advertise other servers:
We work hard on our server, and we're proud of what we have. Please do not spam other servers here.

5. No spamming:
Nobody likes someone begging for attention. Please don't spam the chat.

6. Don't beg to become staff:
The best way to become staff is to help other players!

7. Don't be rude, and do not harrass:
Rude chat, rude gameplay and harassment will not be tolerated. We all know how to be nice people in real life. Lets keep those same morals going in-game too.

Forum Rules
Global Rules

Racial Slurs/Hate Speech:
Any type of Racial Slur or hate speech will result in an IMMEDIATE ban from 1 day to 6 years. The duration of your ban is up to the staff member.
DanPower has a zero-tolerance policy on Racial slurs/Hate speech and will even ban staff members and/or donators for breaking this rule.