UHC Scenarios

CutClean - Food and ores are pre-smelted, removing the needs of furnaces.
TimeBomb - When you kill a player, a chest appears containing his drops. After 30 seconds this chest will explode.
Timber - The whole tree drops when you mine a log.
NoClean - When you kill a player you get 20 seconds of invincibility.
Limitations - You can only mine up to 16 diamonds, 32 gold, and 64 iron during the game.
NoFall - You take no fall damage.
Backpacks - You get backpacks which you can share with your team.
Barebones - You can only mine iron, you get 1 diamond, 1 gapple, 32 arrows and 2 strings from a kill.
Soup - When you right click a soup, you regain 3.5 hearts.
BloodDiamonds - When you mine a diamond, you lose half a heart.
HasteyBoys - Tools automatically enchant with efficiency 3.
Diamondless - You cannot mine diamonds. Players drop 1 diamond if they die.
Goldless - You cannot mine gold. Players drop 8 gold if they die.
FlowerPower - You gain items by destroying flowers.
GoneFishing - You get an Unbreaking 250 and Luck of the Sea 250 fishing rod along with 20 anvils.
InfiniteEnchant - You can infinitely enchant, no limitations.
DoubleOres - Ore drops are doubled.
TripleOres - Ore drops are tripled.
LongShots - If you get a shot from more than 50 blocks, you get healed 1 heart, and do 1.5x the damage.
Bowless - You cannot use bows.
Rodless - You cannot use rods.
Webcage - When you kill a player a sphere of cobwebs surrounds you.
LuckyLeaves - There's a 0.5% chance of golden apples, dropping from decaying leaves.
Fireless - You take no fire damage.
OreFrenzy - Mining lapis ore will get you a splash potion of healing. Mining emeralds will get you 32 arrows. Mining redstone ore will get you a book. Mining diamond ore will get you a diamond 4 xp bottles. Mining quartz will get you a block of TNT.
BleedingSweets - When a player dies, they will drop 1 diamond, 5 gold ingots, 16 arrows and 1 string.
Switcheroo - When you shoot someone, you trade places with them.
Horseless - You cannot ride horses.
BestPVE - You're part of a BestPVE list, if you take damage you're removed from it and to be added back you need to kill a player. If you're part of the list, you'll gain an extra heart.
Absorptionless - You do not receive absorption hearts after eating a golden apple.
VeinMiner - Mine all blocks in a vein, when sneaking.
BetaZombies - Zombies drop feathers.
Swordless - You cannot craft/use swords.
NineSlots - You can only use the slots in your hotbar, all others slots are blocked.